Ever since I started taking my technology graduate course I started to think of ways to incorporate technology in my classroom. Taking this class has been giving me a lot of ideas that I can use with my students. One of those ideas was creating a wiki page. I decided to create a wiki page because as I did my research on it I saw that it was a fun way to socialize and get my students to writing using technology. The purpose of using wiki space is to get my students to discuss with each other. According to the article Envisioning new literacies through a lens of teaching and learning "students, who have strengths in mane areas of new literacies, can use these as a medium to share and expand their thinking, and students adding English as an additional language have many and varied communicative opportunities" (Lapp, Moss, & Rowsell p. 376). Using this as a great way to get my students to interact with each other in a different way. I also see this helping my ell students to communicate without having to talk. For those students that do not participate in class because they might be too shy, it might encourage them to be engaged in an online discussion. Another reasons why I am using wiki spaces is to communicate with my students. According to Diane Barone "Students today develop literacy skills through digital social interaction and are using this outlet also to discuss and promote their reading habits" (Barone p.7). This is the 21st century and being literal doesn't just mean to be able to read and write. Now students are required to be technologically literate. communicating with my students through wiki space, give the students that exposure they need to be literate in using technology. It builds their multi modal literacy, by me assigning videos to watch or an assignment for them to research. I can also provide them with links to different website that I see helpful for them. With this wiki space they are able to engage in text, images, and videos.


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